Prof. Robert Proctor comes to the Netherlands and Inspire2Live
March 18, 2013

Robert Proctor, Professor of the History of Science at Stanford visits the Netherlands, invited by Inspire2Live. Proctor is a historian who gained a great reputation for criticizing the tobacco industry.

In Amsterdam, he gave a lecture at the Royal Academy of Science (KNAW) on behalf of the society, the Dutch Cancer Society KWF and Inspire2Live. Furthermore, he met with several of our patient advocates and Dutch scientists. Among them doctors Wanda de Kanter en Pauline Dekker who launched their own campaign against the tobacco industry in Holland last week, to great media acclaim. We hope to be able to work together with mr. Proctor in our efforts to reduce the burden of cancer as we already stated in our conference of january 2013.

An interview with mr. Proctor will be broadcast on national Dutch TV on tuesday march 19.