In memoriam: Léonie Sazias
October 4, 2022
In memoriam Léonie Sazias

What a sad news to hear; our dearest Léonie Sazias has passed away.

In The Netherlands everybody knows Léonie, for she was a famous television personality. She was also a well known member of the Dutch parliament. In the parliament, for her party, she was responsible for health care and with a special place for cancer patients. With passion.

A couple of years ago, Léonie was diagnosed with colon cancer. Metastasized colon cancer. Quite early she got into contact with Inspire2Live and asked for advise: ‘Where can I find the best cancer center and what needs to be done to have the best diagnose and after that, the best treatment?’ Of course we helped her, for we know where one can find an excellent cancer center for each type of cancer.

Of great importance we said, is what genetic variant of colon cancer you have? And in the center where we advised her to go, they always take a biopsy and have it sequenced. Whole Genome Sequencing, because when you work on a treatment you first have to know what’s going on in the patient?

Léonie became a great advocate for molecular diagnostics (sequencing) as the most important first step in a good diagnose. Together with her and other members of the Dutch Parliament, we fought for molecular diagnostics as part of the standard of care. We have achieved a lot, but are not ready yet. The first step has been taken and we owe Léonie a lot for this. With her beautiful personality in mind, we know how to continue this uphill battle and for sure we will succeed in her and our mission: ‘For every metastasized cancer patient a good and solid Whole Genome Sequencing and have this reimbursed. Not only for cancer patients in the rich countries: for all cancer patients in the world’.

We will miss you so much dear Léonie. For your tremendously working for cancer patients in politics. We will miss your enthusiasm as a human being, being able to let other people also continue to work for other people and never ever quit. With tears in our eyes we will always remember your wonderful smile that makes us happy. That smile …

Dear and beloved Léonie; thank you for everything you have done and most of all: thank you for who you are.

All the patient advocates of Inspire2Live

Léonie spoke at our annual congress in 2020 about the social aspects of her disease. You can watch the talk here >>