Developments on the excellence of Cancer Centres
May 4, 2020

The website has been publicly available since 19th of March with the results of excellent cancer centres for six types of cancer. We did not seek any publicity, but nevertheless we have gotten some very positive and supportive reactions. Once the public attention broadens (after the Coronavirus starts to subside) we expect to attract more publicity.

For the time being we depend on the grassroots approach, so please, everyone, tell the story, show it on your social media and point it out to patients and their loved ones.

The gathering of data has still been going on, but in view of the Corona-stress on all medical staff there will be a temporary slowdown in the inquiry, to avoid irritation. Interestingly we have received a reaction from the association of Oncological Specialists (SONCOS). They have some comments on our project, but nevertheless they invite us to have a meeting together to cooperate to improve information and transparency for patients. Of course we have accepted and we look forward to a constructive discussion.

Tielo Jongmans,
Patient Advocate and Executive Board