Climbing the stairs to a new level
September 27, 2021
Climbing the stairs to a new level

The World Campus is a miraculous success. We began with just 5 countries a little over a year ago and in September 2021, we have representatives located in over 35 countries and more than 50 hubs with expected growth next year to over 50 countries and the creation of local capacity groups.

We are on a mission to inspire and empower patients, researchers and clinicians to work together to prevent and cancel cancer. Seamless cooperation among the regulative, executive and representative branches is now of the highest priority and we will do this through Inspire2Live, Inspire2Go and the World Campus.

New for many may be Inspire2Go which is the projected management leg of Inspire2Live. Inspire2Live, Inspire2Go and the World Campus will be the pillars of our patient advocate organisation with Inspire2Live governing, Inspire2Go managing and the World Campus generating and brokering new projects whilst taking care of the peer review.

Below you can find a more detailed overview of the roles of the World Campus, Inspire2Live and Inspire2Go:


World Campus

The World Campus is a space for representatives and creative interactions. In my mind I often call it a free space, a kind of parliament which meets every last Wednesday of the month. It comes together for a yearly retreat and also meets one day before the annual Inspire2Live conference.

It is the generator of ideas and projects. It has the capacity to peer review. It connects local capacity groups that provide stability to projects that are executed all over the world from Costa Rica to China. It organises brokerage bringing together advocates, scholars and sponsors.


Inspire2Live is based in The Netherlands, and benefits from a context that is well regulated and well organised, with a long democratic and business tradition and a strong international focus. It is the backbone of our movement monitoring the flow of money and supervising all legal issues. It’s also the holding and regulating body, the placeholder of the supervisory board and the project bureau.

All projects and programs that have a significant financial component flow through this body. The project bureau is the point where all checks are made before a potential project is formally selected. Ideally the project bureau selects only those projects and programs that are relevant and clearly detailed with legitimate financial backing. The project bureau meets in the weekly Friday Morning sessions.

The Supervisory Board oversees the financial governance.


Inspire2Go is the executive branch. It is responsible for the execution of peer-reviewed and approved projects and programs. It is new and you will hear more about it in the near future.

Its project board is led by the portfolio manager. The portfolio manager oversees the projects that are managed by local managers who also participate in local capacity groups.

We hope you will join us on our mission in climbing the stairs to a new level!

Jan Gerrit Schuurman
Patient Advocate and Chair World Campus, Inspire2Live