Be a hero, save a life
November 1, 2021
Carribean Bone Marrow Registry

What’s it like waiting for a bone marrow donor when you’re of Latin American descent and beyond?

The Caribbean Basin is a unique myriad of cultures and ethnicities melded together by historical and geographic factors to yield a mosaic of physical and genetic features. As a result of this mixture, individuals descended from this gene pool have a distinct genetic makeup. This makes it difficult to find a match for those stricken with hematological and auto-immune diseases who are in need of a stem cell/bone marrow transplant.

The young woman in this photo is more than a face. Her name is Warner and she and many other patients are in desperate need of a stem cell transplant.

For the past 7 years, the Caribbean Bone Registry has been helping those in need of a transplant or support by holding community drives for patients, performing family studies and working with other registries.

The Caribbean Bone Marrow Registry is looking for sponsors, donors and facilitators.

We are also organizing an end-of-year calendar challenge from which the funds will go to patient care, our programs, the orphanage we adopted in Suriname and to provide scholarships for the children of deceased patients.

To participate in the challenge, please  pick a day from (1-31) and make the corresponding donation via their website listed below or CashApp through $WorldMarrowFund their 501c3 nonprofit.

You can also adopt their nonprofit on Amazonsmile.

For more information please visit Caribbean Bone Marrow Registry or visit their Facebook page for more stories.

Arthur Dunk CHT(ABHI)
Carribean Bone Marrow Registry and patient advocate Inspire2Live