The capabilities of modern surgical techniques are becoming more and more important for patients. Known, but not yet widely available to all patients. Of course these treatments should be based on careful indication.

For this reason it is good to pick up the new techniques of treatments like ‘Surgery without cutting’ and give it a good chance if there is a benefit for the patient.

Patient Advocates of Inspire2Live takes the initiative to bring together on June 11, 2014, representatives of the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital, the Elisabeth Hospital in Tilburg, the UMC Radboud in Nijmegen, UMC Utrecht and the VUMC in Amsterdam, with health insurers and give this technique a firm push.

It is essential that we set up research with a practical approach so that if proved successful it is ensured that these new techniques will be reimbursed by the health insurers.

What do we do?

The idea is to take one or two techniques and work for 2 years in experience with these techniques. We think of (but the participants may decide upon other techniques instead):

  • Intra- Arterial Delivery: TACE and Radio Embolization and
  • Tumor Ablation: RFA and microwave

We, the patient advocates of Inspire2Live and the radiotherapists, strongly believe in this new technology. Very patient friendly and in a very short time, you as a patient, can recover and resume your normal life; the next day.

The costs could also will be correspondingly lower than with traditional surgery. This benefit is for the health insurers.

The symposium is by invitation only and is already fully booked. We have 15 participants.