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Story of Barbara Moss

I was misdiagnosed because they thought I was too young to have cancer. After six years, at the age of 52, I had become so anaemic that I was sent to the hospital emergency department for a blood transfusion. This was when I was told that I had St. IV colon cancer. I was told, “There is nothing we can do.” I was given chemotherapy; only palliative treatment was possible. This was the standard treatment for everyone. When both types of chemotherapy failed, there was very little chance for me. 

My family read about drugs being used in Europe and America but, on enquiring, these were not available on the NHS. I would have to be exceptional to receive this, and I was told that I was not! We managed to put together the huge amount of money that was required for this biological medication. I was very lucky because it worked for me and, after just four treatments, the 15 cm tumour in my left liver and the tumour in my ascending colon were removed in one operation. I was able to have this operation because the biological medicine, only available if you had the money to pay for it, shrank my tumour sufficiently, making resection possible. 

How many lives must be lost because drugs are difficult to access? 

Barbara Moss
Barbara Moss