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Who am I

Happily married mother of three young adults, I was diagnosed with lung cancer in January, 2017. The biomarker that was causing my non-small cell adenocarcinoma was identified as a KRAS biomarker. A lung cancer diagnosis is overwhelming and terrifying. Yet, it was from connecting with others in a lung cancer battle that I found encouragement and strength.


Desperately wanting to connect with others that were fighting the same devil, I went out looking for my people… unable to find an existing group I started KRAS Kickers to join all people; patients, care partners, doctors, and researchers together to kick cancer’s KRAS.


Globally empowering cancer patients with KRAS Knowledge, Research Advocacy for Survivorship. Within KRAS Kickers, members engage with leading doctors, researchers, and advocates, learn about new developments and clinical trials, connect to resources, build community, and share their stories to give hope to each other with a common goal to kick cancer's KRAS! Hope shared is hope multiplied. As the person in personalized medicine, we advocate for all patients to know their biomarkers driving their cancers. Private Facebook Communities Kick KRAS Medical Expert Series, Learning KRAS Ongoing patient Education, the latest in KRAS Clinical Trials, Webinars, KRAS Lung Cancer Research Fund, Monthly Support Group, Patient Board, Patient Buddy Programs, Annual KRAS Kickers Conference (hybrid)

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