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My name is Shirley Pfeiffer and I am a Patient Advocate at Inspire2Live since April 2023. After losing my father on pancreatic cancer in November 2022, I decided to become active as a patient advocate. Where I act as a catalyst to create more options for a life of quality around cancer globally, in specific by being a member of the pain management project. In this project we aim to create awareness around the use of the local anaesthetic Lidocaine, for more effective pain management. Lidocaine has important immune-modulating and anti-inflammatory properties, and can therefore potentially lead to a better quality of life for cancer patients.


In the 1.5 years in which I supported my father in obtaining the best care and quality of life with pancreatic cancer, I have gained a lot of knowledge and insights that I want to share. Everyone who has cancer has the right to a quality of life, meanwhile the road to this sometimes remains extremely difficult. A network and correct information are extremely important to get access to proper pain management and medication. My ultimate goal is that every cancer patient, especially pancreatic cancer patients, can remain pain free and have the best quality of life possible during their disease. I personally have experienced the need for better pain management in pancreatic cancer, a type of cancer which can cause extreme tumour pain, and the difference the use of Lidocaine can make in this pain process. For my dad, the cure was not available, but for most time during his disease, quality of life was available due to him being pain free. Next to finding a cure, I wish that every (pancreatic) cancer patient in the future can remain pain free and have the best quality of life available.


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