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Who am I

I’m Rutger Stekelenburg, born in 1963 in The Netherlands, I’m married and I have two beautiful daughters.


Cancer has been a big influence in my life because way too many family members and friends have been confronted with it. Inspire2Live enables me to be a part of the fight against cancer. I’m a member of the SanInfo (100% Inspire2Live subsidiary) management team. Specialties: troubleshooter and business incubator.


Troubleshooter and business incubator.

Involved projects


Multi cancer early detection

A global initiative where we are working with SeekIn to advance early cancer detection technologies, increasing treatment options and survival rates. By detecting cancer as early as possible, there are […]

Treatment monitoring

A global initiative in innovating to assess treatment efficacy early in the process, improving patient care and outcomes. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could determine whether a treatment is […]