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Parag Mankeekar is a social tech entrepreneur who started his journey as a medical doctor, public health professional & trained anthropologist. He has tackled health and other social challenges such as disaster management during his involvement in developing multi-disciplinary hospitals and social enterprises. He has also worked in understanding terrorism both in India and Afghanistan. He is a Ashoka Fellow and a Salzburg Seminar Fellow, indications of his global status as a positive force for change in the world.


Parag, is currently driving global scaling up of RealLives ( a successful life simulator acclaimed to promote global empathy . RealLives concept is currently at the leading edge EdTech and social-serious gaming and the way to use software technology for promoting empathy, pluralism, cross cultural understanding, peace building, 21st century skills & enhancing socio-emotional skills which can be helpful in building leadership and change-making abilities in young and youth. RealLives platform has taken a mandate to change the way the today's world reads and responds to global challenges and the role empathy can play to make it justifiable.


IT, Public Health, Anthropology

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