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I am Jesper Verhey, an entrepreneur and business professional with an explicit focus on healthcare, and a passion for access to care for the underserved. I have always been drawn to healthcare, and have worked on various healthcare related projects, from my studies into my professional career. Most noteworthy was leading a primary care project in Panama for the Latin American region.


Growing up in a family where my mother was deaf, I have seen the struggle that a bodily impairment can bring practically, socially and emotionally. At the same time I have seen the potential of medical technology, which she has benefitted from just because we were living in The Netherlands. I am well aware that our family, with our social-economic status at the time, would not have been able to get this type of care and opportunities in roughly 90% of the rest of the world. This gratitude has only been strengthened at the birth of my twin son and daughter. I can say with confidence that both my children and wife would not have been here anymore, if it wasn’t for the fantastic healthcare we received, which is tied to the place I just happened to be born. For cancer care the question of accessibility is no different. The possibilities for care are plenty, but getting treatment timely available, accessible and affordable remains a challenge. This is what I will be building on with the team at OncoInv.


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