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Antonella Cardone is currently the CEO of Cancer Patients Europe, the pan-European and all-cancer types patient association. She is the Patient Advocacy Expert and Advisor to the Board of Pancreatic Cancer Europe (PCE), the European Multi-Stakeholder Platform of leading and most influential groups of physicians and patients, politicians, journalists, academia, and industry on Pancreatic Cancer. She is the former Director of the European Cancer Patient Coalition (ECPC). She has 25 years of experience working for non-profits in the health, social, and employment sectors. Prior to ECPC, Antonella was the Executive Director of the Fit for Work Global Alliance, a multi-stakeholder coalition championing change in health and work policy. She has previously served as the Director of the Global Smoke-free Partnership of the American Cancer Society, leading a movement of over 100 members to coordinate the development of smoke-free laws in 40 countries. She holds a Master’s in Science and one in Business Administration. She represented ECPC on the Board of All.Can and on the Board of Pancreatic Cancer Europe, in which she was vice-chair.


I have a strong personal motivation, as several people very close to me died to cancer or are living with cancer, and a strong professional motivation, as I believe there is a need to support cancer patients and the more we are the better.


Cancer patient policy and advocacy. Management and fundraising.
Antonella Cardone

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