Hero of Cancer: Laura van ‘t Veer

’Trials are intended for patients and Laura proves that this is still the case, even when many seem to have forgotten.'

Laura van 't Veer receive Inspire2Live Patient Advocate Hero of Cancer Award

Inspire2Live is proud to award Laura van ‘t Veer with the ‘Inspire2Live Patient Advocate Hero of Cancer Award’ for her merits to put patients first. The prize was awarded during our 2020 Annual Congress.

This award is given to a clinician or researcher that has done important work that improves the quality of life of cancer patients and their loved ones. It’s our way of saying ‘Thank you very much for your contribution to patients’. The work of the heroes means that they have the patient in mind when doing their work and when living their mission.

Hero of cancer

Laura van ‘t Veer has done a lot of work in her I-Spy trial design. It is so important that patients are part of trials when there is still not enough knowledge about the drug response to treatments. I-Spy means that patients can easily step into another ‘arm’ of the breast cancer trial when there is no response in their initial arm and it appears that there might be a better response in another. Researchers and clinicians can learn a lot from this concept. More important is that patients benefit from it.

Inspire2Live is proud but even more grateful to have this hero in our community. We’re convinced that her work will continue to contribute to patients in the future and near future.

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To learn more about Laura van ‘t Veer you can watch her talk at our our 2020 Annual Congress about I-SPY with my little eye your best matched treatment

Laura van 't Veer