Inspire2Live steps in where others lack the means to reach out beyond their social, professional or personal boundaries. It reaches out at all levels: through community, science, politics and governance. We reach out beyond common boundaries. If necessary, we move beyond them and thus search for, find and initiate new venues.

We excel in:

  • connecting individuals and groups
  • building coalitions
  • acting as middle-man
  • speaking as one voice for many
  • educating
  • setting up meetings
  • lobbying
  • inspiring
  • organising exchanges between patient advocates, scientists, caretakers, technicians
  • and a great deal more

The many hearts and minds of Inspire2Live and its World Campus meet once a year at our Annual Congress on the premises of the Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences in Amsterdam.

It is crucial that we avoid partisan involvement in any national or international conflict. This would undermine our mission to empower patients and to improve control over cancer. We adopt the first 5 principles of the International Red Cross: humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence and non-profit.

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