Each patient’s cancer has to be sequenced in order to choose the best possible treatment
January 26, 2021
Each patient’s cancer has to be sequenced in order to choose the best possible treatment

Welcome to the updated version of this post. It now contains links to the virtual tour of the Hartwig Medical Foundation (HMF) and the Questions & Answers from HMF to Inspire2Live.

We patient advocates want the whole genome sequencing (WGS) approach as a guidance to choose the best treatment possible for each patient. We have advocated for this for a long time and we consider the Hartwig Medical Foundation (HMF) in the Netherlands a front runner of this approach.

It is for this reason, that we had one of our ‘out in the city’ afternoon sessions during our 2019 Annual congress, in the happy times when we could all get together in Amsterdam. This year things are different. No need to go into that, suffice to say, we will have to miss each other in 2021, as we decided to cancel our on-site congress.

However, the current virtual world provides us with the opportunity to check in again with our friends at the HMF to give us a virtual tour of their incredible lab and their important work in the Netherlands.

For the ones of you who didn’t join us then or just need a refresher, here is more from the work of the HMF:

Short-film (2,5 minutes) with an efficient birds-eye view explanation of Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS):

This video is a bit longer (8 minutes) but contains patient experiences to what it meant to their treatment:

Virtual tour Hartwig Medical Foundation

In occasion of World Cancer Day on the 4th of February we now post the virtual tour of the Hartwig Medication Foundation.

What happens to your tumor tissue and blood during a comprehensive DNA test? What exactly does all the complex equipment do? How do you know which treatments might be an option for you? Watch the video now (English spoken)

The video is also available in Dutch. Bekijk de Nederlandstalige versie van de video hier

Questions & Answers

We also had the wonderful opportunity to ask our friends at the HMF anything we’d like to know since we last visited them! Please find the Questions & Answers submitted by Inspire2Live to the Hartwig Medical Foundation here: Inspire2Live QA Hartwig Medical Foundation

Piarella Peralta
Patient Advocate Inspire2Live