November 20, 2019

Recently, a Dutch talkshow host; Arjan Lubach, broadcasted a segment about the fact that October is a theme month. The stop smoking month, referred to as ‘Stoptober’

This segment was brought to our attention by one of our heroes, the relentless Wanda de Kanter.

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Among hard facts, there is humor but most importantly; there was a strong political intent, that luckily went viral!

The tobacco industry is known for its dirty tricks, to be able to sell their death burning sticks globally, however; the criminal act most highlighted in this segment was how this criminal industry cheats, to lower the amount registered of the addictive stuff on their products by the relevant authorities (yes, we already know they are capable of anything and are readily killing the naive among us!)

Very cleverly, Lubach invited his audience to massively tweet our new European Commissioner of Health Stella Kyriakides to focus her action against these tobacco criminals (Stella consequently increased her twitter following by tens of thousands!).
These new gained following by Stella Kyriakides are thousands of European citizens, right now mostly Dutch, demanding her attention to this major political failure to all Europeans to protect their right to health and call on her to do something about it!

Dr. De Kanter’s fight against the tobacco industry (or better said, the industry of endless disease generation) is ever relevant, and we at Inspire2live will not rest, alongside many others, who have made it their mission to stop these criminals. There is a Dutch saying which states that you can’t mop with an open faucet, that is: go for the root cause and solve the problem from there. As a newcomer in Holland, as a Dutch, European and world citizen I too stand along Dr. De Kanter and Inspire2live, to make sure no more people have to face the tragedy of a preventable death or a preventable disease.

Please, continue to support this publicity stunt, help us let it go viral in other countries, to continue to put pressure on the European Commission and other governments, to help us stop the tobacco industry criminals with their dirty tricks, by forbidding the commercialization of these death sticks not the smoking there of!

Criminalize selling cigarettes not smoking them, people who sell them can stop, people who smoke them can’t stop, they die.

It is about criminalizing the perpetrators not the victims!

Piarella Peralta
Patient Advocate Inspire2live

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