September 3, 2019

Many technologies, diagnostics and treatments that are of great added value in the fight against cancer do not reach the patient or do not reach them quickly enough. Sometimes effective new methods are not implemented or put into practice.

This is harmful to the patient and her loved ones and costs society a lot of money.

Just a few examples of situations that need to be improved:

  • The excellent cancer centers are known. This information must be accessible to patients and her loved ones.
  • Although the benefits of fitness training for recovery and return to work are well known, referral is poor and treatments are only partially reimbursed.
  • Correct personalised doses of medication are known, but the outdated method of administration is still used and still results in incorrect doses. There is a need for the already available DNA passport to be available for all patients.


For this reason we from Inspire2Live started an initiative to get all this information about available and proven treatments and technologies to the patients and their loved ones. We started Inspire2Go.

Inspire2Go is an organization that originates from Inspire2Live. It separates the useful from the nonsense and makes reliable information available. This way the patient can decide for herself where she can go for the very best diagnosis, treatment or after care.


For this important work we need to employ professionals for communication and implementation, and we are therefore looking for money so we can pay them a salary and give them adequate tools and workplaces. Please help us and find sponsors for us that want to help patients and their loved ones through Inspire2Go.

Peter Kapitein
Patient advocate Inspire2Live

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