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February 4, 2024
Patient stories 2024

Read our Access to Medicine Stories and share yours!

Access to medicine is a global problem. Even more so for the global South. Inspire2Live supports the research conducted by the Access to Medicine Foundation. Through their comprehensive assessments and analysis of pharmaceutical companies’ practices, policies, and commitments, the Foundation sheds light on areas where improvements are needed to enhance access to vital cancer treatments.

Ultimately, it is only together that we can make such big changes a reality. It is through our narratives on access to medicine that we know where we are able to deliver or why we need to act.

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Share your Access to Medicine story too with us and join the movement. Write to EveryPatientCounts@Inspire2Live.org and raise your voice with us.

While we understand that people experience anger, sadness and frustration linked to the reality of the lack of access to medicines, it is important to know that this is not the forum for hate. We need companies to manufacture and distribute medicines across the globe. Every day is an opportunity for them to do better and we want to work with them towards a world where every cancer patient receives the medicines they need. We want to stay engaged.