Hero of Cancer Award for Bob Löwenberg
December 14, 2023
Hero of Cancer Award for Professor Bob Lowenberg

Professor Löwenberg is a clinical haematologist and investigator and Emeritus Professor of Haematology at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Professor Löwenberg completed a PhD in Experimental Haematology at Erasmus University Rotterdam and Radiobiological Institute TNO under the supervisorship of Dirk W. van Bekkum (1975, cum laude) before completing his clinical training in Internal Medicine and Haematology at University Medical Center Rotterdam (1975-1979).

Inspire2Live has known Professor Löwenberg, or ‘Bob’ as he is known to us, for a long time. His passion for patients is enormous. His drive to improve the patient treatment outcome is one of the reasons he works so closely with our organisation and our patient advocates because he really knows what patients need.

Bob has always shown great interest in international patients, including those in low- and middle-income countries, which is another reason why we admire him. Cancer has no borders and it was Bob’s international example which first served as inspiration for Inspire2Live to expand its work to a global level.

Bob is both a real patient doctor and a cancer researcher with a focus on helping patients, which is what sets him apart from others. There are not many researchers who carry out their work with the patient in mind. Doing good means contributing to other people and society. This is what Bob does and this is why he is our 2023 Hero of Cancer.

Watch here what Professor Löwenberg had to say after receiving the award: