Evidence, Arrogance, Ignorance, Eminence: Update on our next Annual Congress: 29-31 January 2020
September 23, 2019

Healthcare should be based on the best evidence available, from whatever source. ‘Evidence-based medicine encompasses the integration of clinical expertise with the best available external evidence alongside with patient preference’ (DavidL. Sacket). This is often narrowed down to statistically valid evidence, whose meaningfulness evaporates in the context of patients. Doctors have years of experience and see lots of patients with heterogeneous profiles. This experience is ignored often in daily practice. Statistically, results can show improvement but patients may hardly benefit. This is why the narrative of patients should be taken into account.

Our congresses show how equal participation from stakeholders yield greater results for patients and society. Examples can be found on our website via this link. This leads towards an inspiring program with examples from other domains in order to achieve renewal in health care. The conference is a mixture of keynotes and working sessions on the roadmap. Participants come from various countries and continents. We learn from each other by the motto: ‘I may not help you but we might’.

A surprising part of our congress are the ‘Out in the city’ activities where we learn from other and different areas of expertise. We will visit the project of the North South Metro Line and learn how hurdles can be taken. But we also visit the new company ‘Frame Therapeutics’ and see how we are setting up research and treatments for cancer with vaccines.

During our Thursday diner in ‘The Grand’ we will celebrate the ‘Inspire2Live Patient Advocates Hero of Cancer Award’ with two beautiful award winners. And not to forget our tradition with professor dr. Fritz Schröder playing his cello at the diner.

Please find below a short overview on our Annual Congress:

Date: January 29 – from 4 pm, January 30 and 31 –  till 2.30 pm

Location: The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and SciencesAmsterdam, The Netherlands

For any further information please contact Ilona Schelle for any further information on the content.

Ilona Schelle

E-mail: ilona.schelle@inspire2live.org
Telephone: +316 524 966 04

Please let us know whether the days fit into your calendar. We’ll send you more information in due course.

Peter Kapitein, CEO and Patient Advocate Inspire2Live

Nicole van Leeuwen, Office Management and logistics Inspire2Live