Evidence, Arrogance, Ignorance, Eminence – Annual Congress 2020 in Amsterdam
January 7, 2020
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Embracing our ignorance is the gateway to transcend our arrogant use of evidence. This is when eminence emerges. Eminence is the quality people possess, acquired after years of engagement with a field of study. Yet, eminence is not the sole domain of science. It also resides in patients, who take decisions that fit their lives. The Annual Congress recognizes and unlocks eminence in us all, in order to accelerate before the next coffin arrives.

Our congresses show how equal participation from stakeholders yield greater results for patients and society. Examples can be found on our website. This leads towards an inspiring program with examples from other domains in order to achieve renewal in health care. The conference is a mixture of keynotes and working sessions on the roadmap. Participants come from various countries and continents. We learn from each other by the motto: ‘Í may not be able to help you but we might’.

We’ve now finalized our program and are honoured to inform you that professor Dan Peer from Tel Aviv University will attend our Annual Congress. Dr. Peer will present his work on RNA therapeutics. Will this be the next revolution?

And what to think of the Friday afternoon working sessions that you will be part of?

Can we unlock the eminence in science, treatments, industry and government for the benefit of patients?

Session leads will be Jan Hoeijmakers (Erasmus Medical Center), Mark Lawler (Queens University in Belfast), Dan Peer (Tel Aviv University), Werner Verbiest (Jansen Diagnostics) and Sjoerd Repping (University of Amsterdam).

Please find a short overview on our Annual Congress program via this link.

Practical information Annual Congress 2020:

January 29, 30 and 31, 2020
Start: 4 PM on January 29
End: 2:30 PM on January 31

The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences – Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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