Bringing breast cancer knowledge to people
April 26, 2023
Bringing breast cancer knowledge to people

Jij Speelt de Hoofdrol podcast

This podcast about breast cancer is produced by Stichting Jij Speelt de Hoofdrol (translation: You play the leading role), a foundation started by two Inspire2Live patient advocates, Saskia Koopmans and Sabine Wernars, who decided to make a podcast as an increasingly valuable way of reaching people.

You can listen to their podcast on Spotify (in Dutch)


  1. It feels close to home
  2. You can listen to it whenever it suits you
  3. It talks about the real challenges
  4. You can get inspired or hear something new that you can experiment with
  5. It’s private, you can share it with someone else or keep it for yourself

What do we talk about?

That’s broad. We talk to breast cancer patients at all stages of breast cancer. We talk with doctors and other healthcare providers about treatment and future treatment developments. And of course we talk about cancer and work. What will work look like for you during and even after treatment? We also talk with patients who have had cancer, scientists doing research and more.
In our second podcast episode, we talk to a patient with metastatic Triple Negative Breast Cancer who can now participate in the DRUP trial having donated a biopsy of her tumour to the Hartwig Medical Foundation a few years ago.

What is a DRUP trial?

DRUP (Drug Rediscovery Protocol) is a research study for patients with advanced or metastatic cancer for whom standard treatment is no longer available. The trial aims to explore whether targeted therapy i.e. intended for other cancer types with the same cancer cell characteristics is effective for these patients. By participating in this study, the patient we speak to in our second podcast episode has already received an extra 2 years of life – and every 3 extra months is a gift.

Sabine Wernars
Patient Advocate Inspire2Live