Annual Congress 2015 on ‘Breaking the barriers for patients’
January 21, 2015

January 21 (dinner), 22 and 23 the Annual Inspire2Live Congress 2015 takes place: ‘Breaking the barriers for patients’. In other words, breaking the barriers that prevent us from achieving the best cancer care and the best access to cancer care. The conference’s workshops will focus on:

  • Ensuring early access to therapies that really work
  • Influencing the process of getting the best cancer care (through media, marketing, lobbying)
  • Abolishing unnecessary treatments (why give chemo if you know it doesn’t work?)

The conference is a mixture of keynote speeches and workshops to improve the roadmap. Patients, clinicians and researchers (each of these groups represent around 30% of the total number of participants) will work together with pharmaceutical industry, government and health insurance sector representatives from various countries and continents. We aim to learn from each other, and from the successes achieved by the HIV/AIDS community in the 1980s and 1990s.

You find the draft of the program here: Program Breaking the barrier for patients