The challenge of Personalised Food in a nutshell
April 27, 2015

Food matters to cancer patients, and it constitutes a major area of self-empowerment where patients aim to enhance their healing process. Food also impacts the incidence of cancer greatly. But what food matters for whom and when? Patients increasingly demand food offers that are personalised.

This is a short animation on the challenges and core issues of Personalised Food. Very useful to spark debate and ignite new perspectives. It was produced by InnovationNetwerk, a Dutch broker on innovations in agro and green, SIGN (innovation broker in horticulture) and Gaston Remmers from HABITUS, a specialised consultancy on healthy habitat development. The animation is based on a patient driven appraisal of the business potential of Personalised Food in the Netherlands, funded by the Amsterdam Chambre of Commerce, province of Flevoland and CAH Vilentum Almere University of Applied Sciences.

The appraisal was led by Gaston Remmers in a double role as professional and Patient Advocate at and Platform Patient and Food ( Three other Patient Advocates of Inspire2Live played a major role: Chantal Gill’ard, Yve Brouwers and Lisette Heijboer.

Full report (in Dutch) and more info downloadable at

Watch the animation in the language of your choice: