Patient Advocate: Lex Houweling (1993)


Who am I

I am Lex, born on the 16th of march, 1993. Currently I am working for the Sport medical centre (SMC) SportMáx in Eindhoven and Veldhoven.


In 2007 my father was diagnosed with colon cancer and he passed away in 2010 after a long battle. During his fight he received excellent help and guidance from a sport physician who made it possible for him to have live a life with cancer and have a quality of life. This did not only have a positive impact on my father but also on the people around him. My goal is to set up a rehabilitation program that helps every patient to get through their illness with the same quality of life my father got.


As a Patient Advocate for Inspire2Live / Inspire2Go I am involved in the rehabilitation and quality of care for patients.