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Email address: taniac@cim.sld.cu

Who am I

I have been a cancer researcher for more than 20 years in Cuba. The recent clinical achievements of new immunomodulatory drugs and cell therapies embodied a turning point for cancer curability. Regardless what we do for cancer prevention and early staging, humanity will still need to deal with a great burden of advanced tumor patients. I am certain that manipulating the immune system can transform advanced cancer into a chronic disease compatible with years of quality life.


I believe that we must do everything in our power to prevent tumors and avoid years of premature life lost. I also think that there should be no inequities in access to the best diagnostic or treatment tools and that it is very important to openly disseminate all scientific knowledge. I sustain that it is important to have a multimodal approach to cancer prevention and treatment, which includes the biology of the tumor, but also the social determinants of patients. I hope to be able to learn a lot in Inspire2live and modestly, to be able to share our experience from a very poor country but where health is the most important thing.



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