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Who am I

I’m Sietske, I was born in 1967 in Friesland. I’m married and have three beautiful grown-up daughters. I started my career as an oncology nurse, and later became founder and manager of Care for Cancer home-care. Since 2020 I work as an independent project manager and consultant specialising in oncology network-care. You can find more information about that on Oncoconnect.NL.


I started as an oncology nurse in the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital in 1991. During my time there, I saw many patients and their loved ones feeling overwhelmed and experiencing a lot of obstacles in their life after the diagnose. My job as an oncology nurse was not done when patients left the hospital, I was convinced we could help prevent complications and guide patients to better supportive care. As such, I founded Care for Cancer. Today I’m happy to see that 75 oncology nurses give their supportive care to 2000 patients a year at Allerzorg - Care for Cancer . Unfortunately, still too many oncology patients can’t find personalised cure and care. Therefore, I remain driven to reach more patients and guide them to the best fitting supportive care, so they and their loved ones can feel strong and lead a life that is as normal as possible, with or after cancer. It’s an honour to work with all patient advocates to reach our mutual goal together!


Oncology Care, Network Care, Governance @ V&VN network of home-care oncology nurses, Governance @ Foundation 'Tegenkracht’, connecting in oncology-projects and people, formal- and informal care

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