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Who am I

I am the founder and President of the HungerNdThirst Foundation, Board Member (2019 – 2022) of the European Cancer Patient Coalition and a Patient Advocate for Inspire2Live. I was diagnosed and treated for Colon Cancer in 2012 and diagnosed and treated for Prostate Cancer in 2018. I am an advocate for a more patient centric approach in clinical trials, and believe that patients are best represented by patients. I don’t want to be defined by cancer. My impatience helps me to overcome obstacles and dare to go out of my comfort zone. As a black male I feel that diversity lacking within the healthcare on all levels. Cancer affects everyone and thus should be equally represented by a diverse group of professionals and patients.


Everyone has a voice, but not everyone is heard. We who are heard, should always speak up and be a voice for those who cannot be heard or listened to. A person should never be defined by a sickness or disease, and there is a difference between being alive and living. I want to play a part in reminding people around me that we must make choices which helps us to live and not only choices to keep us alive. Healthcare is should not be for the lucky few, but for all. I want to play a part in influencing governments to adapt policies which will make healthcare and treatment accessible to all. Healthcare should not be a commodity.


I enjoy networking and finding new ways to tackle old problems. Coaching, Positive Speaking.

Involved projects


Lifestyle and cancer

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