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My name is Pablo Allard. I am a 25 years old Psychologist from Chile, and currently coursing a certificate in Psycho-Oncology in Chile. I am a childhood Cancer survivor of a clear cell sarcoma of the kidney (2001) During my childhood I relapsed 3 times; Bone marrow (2002), brain (2004), Thyroid (2006). I am co-founder of the Chilean National Network of Childhood cancer survivors “Luz De Esperanza”, we are a community composed by childhood cancer survivors who work for children who are undergoing cancer treatment and survivors.We create awareness about the disease and advocate for public policies that improve our community´s quality of life. I am also member of “Faros de Vida” the Latin American network of childhood cancer survivors. I am currently involved in creating the first global network of survivors at CCI (Childhood Cancer International)


Leaving with cancer during my childhood taught me a lot of things on how to face challenges in life. Leaving as a survivor during my adolescence made me understand the many injustices that our community faces. I have learned about discrimination and stigma against people who suffer this hard disease that affects not only the patient, but also his/her whole family. This is why it is so important to understand the importance and urgency of the work of advocacy groups. At my organisation, we also seek to become a “Light of Hope” for the many children and their families who are now undergoing cancer treatment.


Specialities Required field Childhood cancer, Advocacy, Mental health, Awareness
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