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Who am I

I am Michiel Alders, born in 1965. My background is business economics (MBA Rotterdam School of Management) and HR. As a management consultant and coach, I support large, often international, organisations with major changes in their organisation.


Like almost everyone, I have had to deal with loved ones in my immediate environment who have been diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately, both my parents got cancer. What made a big impression on me is when my cousin Simon died of cancer, at the age of 34. As his loved ones wrote: “Despite his positive attitude and enormous fighting spirit, he was unable to win the battle. He still had so many plans and he still wanted to enjoy life so much.” This is exactly what motivates me to contribute to the fight against cancer. Inspire2Live's approach to really put the patient at the centre of this battle really appeals to me. Prevention, quality of life and pain control are the right focus of Inspire2Live for patients.


My contribution to Inspire2Live focuses on helping to improve and develop the way we organise ourselves as a movement. How can we do that as smartly as possible, as effectively and efficiently as possible with our resources of people and funds. With the ultimate goal to have as much impact as possible in the fight against cancer as Inspire2Live.

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