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Phone number: 07013124858

Who am I

I am a passionate advocate dedicated to supporting cancer research, raising awareness about prevention and early detection, and providing assistance to patients and their families. My unwavering commitment to this cause led me to become an ad hoc staff member for an NGO during one of their critical projects. I aim to leverage my enthusiasm and dedication to make a meaningful impact in the fight against cancer.


My country, Nigeria, faces one of the highest cancer mortality rates in the world, as reported by the Global Cancer Observatory. This reality drives me to take action and be part of the solution. By collaborating with NGOs, researchers, and healthcare professionals, I am dedicated to supporting initiatives that enhance cancer prevention, early detection, and patient care both in Nigeria and globally. My goal is to make a meaningful impact in reducing cancer mortality and ultimately work towards eradicating the disease.


I hold an MBA, which equips me with advanced skills in management and strategic planning. I have worked in banking and various financial institutions. My specialties include advocacy, community outreach, project management, program development and implementation as well as, networking and collaboration.

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