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Email address: elroyaijal@gmail.com

Phone number: +31624108159

Who am I

My name is Elroy Aijal and I have been a Patient Advocate for Inspire2Live since 2018. When I was six I was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor. Right now I devote my time, knowledge and experience to better the circumstances for mainly young children diagnosed with cancer today. I am a board member of the HungerNdThirst Foundation, our foundation focuses on taste alteration due to chemotherapy. My job enables me to improve taste experience and bring back the joy of eating in a time where food sometimes can be the biggest hurdle of the day. What I went through as a child, I do not want children today going through the same.


Not too long ago I discovered that however the tumor has been removed, I still have to learn to cope with most of the consequences. During my time as a patient there was little attention for pyschologiscal assistance and the focus point was to be cancer free as soon as possible. I learned the hard way that speeding the recovery without attention for me as a child but only for me as a patient still has affects me to this day. My struggles still as adoloscent are a motivation to prevent children now from going through the same when they reach their teens and twenties.


I know how to tell my story well to others in talks and presentations and make a deep personal connection the the people listning. This enables me to bridge a gap between telling my story and activate people.

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