Dini Hilbron

Who am I

My name is Dini Hilbron and I'm part of the supervisory board of Inspire2Live.


Over decades I have lost loved ones to the deadly process of cancer. For those who survived, the quality of life is sometimes severely reduced. Both in my professional life in healthcare, but also as a caregiver, I know the impact cancer can have on a person and his or her environment and I know how important a patient-centred and holistic approach is for the physical and mental healing process. Knowledge of, and respect for, the expertise of all involved disciplines leads to transparency of treatment and care, and therefore to an increase of the quality of care.


I consider it a privilege to support the mission of I2L as a member of the supervisory board. To me, the aim is that in the near future an optimally functioning chain will be established: from scientific cancer research and specialised treatments to the aftercare of chronic cancer patients. The knowledge and goal-orientation of all the Patient Advocates play a crucial role in this necessary process of transformation within the current structure. In my view, striving for a position in which their contribution and experiential expertise are fully taken into account is a constructive step towards achieving the set end goal. For this, it is essential to reach an optimal communication between all the involved parties in service of an effective and multidisciplinary cooperation with a single collective goal: to maximise the chances of survival of the cancer patient.

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