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Who am I

I am an Edu-Profile consultant - helping people understand their unconscious behaviour and preferences. I also have a strong interest in nutrition and lifestyle as medical prevention and intervention, and I believe that each person should be seen as an individual. I am currently studying for my MSc in Personalised Nutritional Therapy and I am hoping to use the knowledge and skills to help in the fight against cancer.


In 2018 I took part in a health challenge organised by Peter Kapitein, where we were analysing genetic data of cancer patients. This inspired me to get involved and use my skills to help patients.


I have recently moved back to South Africa where I would like to help I2L to start a hub, so that we can share knowledge between different countries and therefore contribute to better patient care.

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Involved projects


Lifestyle and cancer

Exploring beyond diagnosis and treatment, this initiative addresses the broader impacts of cancer on patients and their families, offering crucial support and information. This is probably the broadest topic which […]