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I am Bulgarian, mother of two wonderful sons, I live in Bulgaria with my family. I’m Operations & Project Manager by education, but Patient Advocate by vocation. Personalized medicine, visionary technology and biotechnology have become my profession over the past 7 years. When I started working on patient support programs in companion diagnostics in oncology, I realized that when the health technology is applied to the right patient at the right time, this is the key for success. That’s why the concept of “Putting the patient at the center of the health care system” has become my personal commitment.


Technology is the reason for the rapid development of scientific achievements in recent years, but regulations cannot respond to this development and the access of patients to innovation is no fast enough. Therefore, I have chosen to join Bulgarian Association for Personalized Medicine as a member, so that through this organization I can change public attitudes in society, in healthcare providers, especially of patients and their families, so as to be proactive and to fight for their rights and to reach the achievements of science as quickly as possible. As a patient advocate, but not a patient myself, I believe that each one of us in every moment of our lives will be touched by suffering and illness. So we have to work on the active participation of patients and their families in making decisions about their own therapeutic plans and to bear joint responsibility with doctors. I also believe in a more cohesive approach to medicine and ultimately, in a better outcome and health for each individual. That’s why I joined Inspire2Live (I2L) in 2018 and will continue to work to establish the I2L principles of work in Bulgaria.


My professional experience over the last 20 years has been in the pharmaceutical industry, clinical trials and research project management. I specialize in ethics and quality management, so to apply this knowledge on guarantee of equity, sustainability and quality of care.

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