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Who am I

PhD in oncology with a double specialization - scientist & clinical research. I am the founder & CEO of a CRO "contract clinical research organization". Keindeya's CRO is a company which therefore provides, on a contractual basis, services in the field of biomedical research for promoters such as the pharmaceutical or biotechnology industry as well as for public research organizations or les foundations working in the field of clinical trials. Throughout my professional career, I have always wanted to be useful and of service to others. So, I did not hesitate when I was contacted by the headquarters of UNDP (United Nations Development Program) in Paris, to entrust me with several consulting services in my country of origin, Guinea-Conakry. This is in a program called TOKTEN "Transfer of Knowledge through National Expatriates". I taught biochemistry and molecular biology to students at the Universities of Kankan and Conakry; advice and organizes conferences with teachers. Also, from the start of my university studies, I worked with the President of the first Guinean association created in Marseille (France) as General Secretary. So far, I have not given up being an active member of an association. For me, we can retain as key words: health, education, association.


During my clinical research activities, I was immediately confronted with the daily lives of patients and their family circles. Despite everything, the social inequalities observed in Europe remain below what I observe in low-income countries. Coming from a continent whose countries are said to be "developing", the authorities allocate few resources to the health of the population and/or education. A modest contribution allowing patients to benefit from quality care and improve their quality of life is a primary objective.


My CRO working in Europe and Africa would be a catalyst for seeking promoters (Industrialists, Public Organizations, Foundations etc.) to propose clinical studies in all therapeutic areas (cancerology, virology, haematology etc.) towards Africa. The number of doctors and their potential patients are all eager to benefit from innovative medicines to make life better.

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