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China2016Inspire2Live is organizing congresses to bring together all the groups that support the well being of patients and their loved ones. This involves of course patients and also clinicians and researchers, industry and health insurances representatives and people from the government. In the cooperation they will benefit the patient in everything they do.

To educate everybody that plays his role in this field we organize congresses.

Sometimes bigger ones with more then hundred participants and sometimes more smaller symposia with 10 or 20 invited visitors. But always it will be inspiring and different. Not just listen to what others have to tell but listen, discuss and work. All in order to deliver. Deliver for patients and working towards our end goal: a better quality of life for the patient and her loved ones.

In health care it is often spoken about the asymmetry of the relationship between patients and citizens. Our  patient advocates constantly and incessantly bring symmetry back to this relationship. At our congresses it is evident how equal participation from stakeholders and patients yield greater results for patients themselves and society as a whole. Look at our achievements up till now!

Quality of Life Congress – 3 November 2017 – Amsterdam

Over 100,000 people per year in the Netherlands are diagnosed with cancer. Cancer has a great impact on many aspects of the lives of cancer patients. In addition to medical care, psychological, social and physical care is often needed to cope with the effects of the disease and it’s treatment. Early detection and treatment of these effects, such as fear of recurrence, distress and fatigue,  is crucial to improve  quality of life, re-integration and social participation.

Many innovations have been developed to help maintain and improve the quality of life of people with cancer. Some of these interventions are evidence-based, however, implementation after the research phase is often non existing or limited (locally available within the developing institute  and close vicinity). As a result, only a limited number of patients have access to these evidence-based innovations. How to enhance implementation of evidence-based innovations into clinical care for cancer patients is the central question at the time of this symposium?

Our Program Quality of Life congress 2017

Annual Congress – 7 (dinner), 8 & 9 February 2018 – Amsterdam

Our next annual congress ‘The countless small deeds of the unknown people’ will be held in Amsterdam in 2018.

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