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    Molouk Milani, Patient Advocates
    Posted on Tuesday, April 16th, 2013 at 6:42 PM by

    By Molouk Milani 

    Almost daily a new discovery on cancer appears in the news. On the one hand it’s very promising and gives hope. On the other hand it doesn’t feel like we can benefit from it yet. The discoveries and developments might be different and innovative. Yet they are equal in one aspect: ‘in the future new interventions to treat cancer might be developed’. And with this sentence the beam of hope diminishes into just a little spark. Future cancer patients will maybe benefit, but if you have cancer now it will not help you. And that is just impossible to accept. Time is hours and minutes, but when you have cancer time is life. Life that is just too beautiful to wait for.

    When I had cancer I started to think about the different aspects of my disease. Apart from the physical ones I realized that cancer is also a universal disease. We all suffer from cancer; cancer does not discriminate for sex, race and age. It affects us all. We suffer the same. And although the reason is a sad one, the awareness of the universality of our suffering from cancer deepened my conviction that the earth is one country and the people citizens from this same country and that working together is the natural action that flows from it. Together we are so much stronger than alone!

    Personally I felt this during my illness. Other cancer patients helped, with support and comfort. Family, friends, neighbours helped with making life easier and happier! And doctors and scientists helped by consulting with me about treatment plans and goals and by making new insights available in the treatment protocol. I myself tried to help a bit too, by giving my DNA and complete access to my medical file to the cancer centre I was treated. It is powerful to be together with so many people in getting just my cancer under control. And when this individual scale is enhanced into a global scale, it must be impressive to witness what can be established.

    When I see the night with the impressive black sky, the shining stars and sense the infinity of our universe, I can only dream how promising and powerful it must be when knowledge is truly shared. It must resemble the infinite universe. Oceans of knowledge with limitless potencies of discoveries, with the goal to all live a happy life. To keep knowledge to oneself or to a small selected group of people is in the light of our undeniable oneness unjust, painful and harmful. To keep knowledge to oneself is preventing others from knowledge and causes unnecessary lives taken in the battle against cancer.

    As we are one people on one planet, our goal is the same. We all want cancer to be under control. Therefor, let’s truly share; let’s be completely open in the knowledge and discoveries made. Let us all join in the battle against cancer; patients, doctors and scientists. And let us all be happy because it will make our common victory come sooner and better then all of us separately can dream of. Then, reading an article with new developments in cancer research one sentence will again become common ‘in gratitude of our joined knowledge and action we are convinced that cancer patients within the near future of two years may benefit from it, and where life’s are currently at risk we will do our best to implement earlier.’

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