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In the end it is all about quality of life. Although data, research and treatments are of great importance, quality of life is what we are aiming for. Without this it is of no use to become 87 years old (or older). One could say that for this reason all advocates and scholar activists work on this. A beautiful and powerful example is BEABA (https://beaba.org/en/). This initiative is realized by the sisters Simone and Denise Mozzilli. It brings important information to patients in a simple way. It works on the quality of live of patients and their loved ones. We must never forget the loved ones of cancer patients.They suffer too and when alone after the death of the cancer patient their suffering continues. We work on this. Inspire2Live started a chair at the Free University of Amsterdam called ‘Living and living together with cancer. Again; these are examples while we have many of them.

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