Excellent Cancer Centres

About Excellent Cancer Centres

There are so many differences between treatments for cancer patients caused by differences between hospitals. Differences within a country, but moreover differences between countries. Especially when looking at the rich and low- and middle-income countries we cannot allow to have this. We must strive hard to get away these inequalities and we can.

In the Netherlands, Inspire2Live took the initiative to interview specialist in oncology like oncologists, surgeons and radio therapists for their opinion where the best hospital for 10 cancer types is located. We collected the answers and published them. A top 4 of excellent cancer centres for every cancer type. This started the discussion and also the specialisation of hospitals.

Let me do breast cancer so you can focus colon cancer.

This initiative can easily be setup in each country. This way we eliminate the differences within a country. Of course, then the struggle starts to ensure that Bulgaria can offer the same quality as Germany, or Ghana treating patients with leukaemia as good as in the Netherlands. Inspire2Live uses her World Campus network to facilitate this.