Early access to drugs

About Early access to drugs

Patients with an unmet medical need cannot wait till the whole procedure of trials, registration, market access and reimbursement has been performed. They need to step into a trial and get the medicine, or simply get the medicines. If not; they die. In the UK Barbara and Mark Moss and Stephen Rowley did and do a fantastic job on bringing medicines to patients. In Bulgaria Gergana Kysosvska works on personalized medicines to help patients. And what to think of Tatjana Romanyk? She has set up iClusion, the website and initiative to bring trials closer to patients and doctors, so that they can easily find opportunities to save lives. These are three examples out of dozens of initiatives that our advocates worldwide take. It will never stop and we improve our impact simply by getting closer and closer to the ones who decide upon this. And let’s be honest; shouldn’t patients decide upon this? It’s our risk. It’s our life.

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