Sadly, a full-blown physical meeting with all present is unfeasible.

To make the long story short, we have decided to support 3 kinds of exchange.

1. A limited physical meeting with a focus on the future financial side of Inspire2Live and the World Campus. The participants are mainly from The Netherlands. The list of people who can participate will be shared soon. We will report the results online, shortly after the meetings that will take place in an appropriately seized meeting room at the Dutch Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences.

2. On the second day, we will invite 3 speakers, in an online World Campus Meeting, as you know it. In addition we do a project launch. This is a format that we have recently developed and want to test online. On this day (Thursday, September 16th), in the explore phase the contours of a new project are presented. Of course we will focus on a project with strategic significance. It means we will focus on one of our IARC-related projects. Time of the meeting: 15.00-18.00 CET.

3. On the third day, we have an day completely focused on the launch. On this day (Friday, September 17th) we move from explore to exploit. We will have shared our ideas, processed the ramifications and in the exploit-phase, we do an open peer review of the new project. Time of the meeting: 15.00-16.30 CET.

On this final day, the results of the future-finance session in Amsterdam will be summarised and discussed.

There will be an online social activity on Thursday. We have not decided yet what that will be. Ideas are most welcome.