lifestyle & Cancer symposium

Diet, exercise, stress management, sleeping habits and its influence in cancer. Impact of lifestyle choices in self-defense and self-repair mechanisms involved in cancer.

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Theme of this symposum was Best screening, diagnosis and treatments with MRI and Surgery without incision – How to enhance implementation of evidence-based innovations to improve quality of life of all prostate cancer patients.

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Pain is the most frequent symptom in the presence of advanced cancer. Yet, the treatment of pain is often inadequate, ineffective and only applied in the later stages of disease which contributes to medical complications and increases the psychological burden for patients and their relatives. In Africa, pain management needs a paradigm shift and pain drugs need to be cheap, safe, easily available and not addictive so that many patients can benefit from them.

Experts explain the mechanism of pain by sharing the latest insights, options for new treatment and by discussing how to train a new generation of pain specialists in Africa.

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Together we step into a new world – 4 October, 2019 in Doorn, The Netherlands

Meeting between specialists and patients in order to improve communication, patient safety and the chances for patients to keep working.

After a plenary meeting about communication between specialists and patients and all the new possibilities, like e-health, and desired behaviour we worked together, specialists and patients in a carrousel form of workshops on the topics of communication, patient safety and cancer and labour. The outcome has been presented to boards of director from hospitals and will be published on the websites of Inspire2Live and Foundation Jij Speelt de Hoofdrol. It has also been presented the day after on the 5th of October at the Breast Cancer Symposium.

This meeting is a co-production between Inspire2Live and Foundation Jij Speelt de Hoofdrol.

International Conference Beyond RCT – 2018

Theme: towards co-operative citizen science in food and health took place. More info via

Inspire2Live Quality of Life Congress 2017

How to enhance implementation of evidence-based innovations into clinical care for cancer patients was the central question  of 0ur Quality of Life congress 2017..

Proposium Microbiota management – 2016

Our program: Proposium Microbiota management

Inspire2Live and Cinderella Therapeutics congress on Affordable drugs – 2016

Inspire2Live, together with Cinderella Therapeutics organized on April 15th 2016 a congress about affordable drugs. We invited top consultants, researchers and clinicians to come up with ideas for ‘reforming the pharmaceutical market from profit driven towards service driven’. This just to prevent that due to the excessive pricing of new life extending drugs the access of patients to these essential drugs is put on risk. Read more about this congress..

Symposium Beyond RCT – 2016

Inspire2Live, Platform Patients and Food Netherlands and the Dutch TNO research institute joined hands and organized  a hands-on symposium on March 21st in Amsterdam for the development and implementation of citizen-driven research strategies in food and health. Read more via Beyond RCT – Executive Summary..

Inspire2Live Brain Tumor Congress – Amsterdam, 2015

The Inspire2Live Brain tumor congres  – Availability of experimental drugs for brain tumours: bridging the translational gap was held in the Brain Tumor Awareness Week, October 28 2015 in Amsterdam in cooperation with the VUmc Cancer Center Amsterdam. Read more about this congress..

Inspire2Live congress on Lung cancer – 2015

Inspire2Live organized a congress on lungcancer on March 25, 2015. Read more about The Dutch treat on Lung Cancer – Awareness

Inspire2Live Congress on pancreatic cancer – 2014

On September 16, 2014 we organized a congress on improving the quality of life for pancreatic cancer patients..

Inspire2Live Congress on patients want their data – 2014

On June 25, 2014 we organized a congress on ‘Patients want their data’..

Inspire2Live Congress on surgery without cutting – 2014

On June 11, 2014 we organized a congress on surgery without cutting..