Theme of our congress

Theme of this years congress was The whole business case from the patients view

In creating breakthroughs that matter for patients, we have to think out of the box. This involves linking  unexpected stakeholders and issues, putting problems upside down, be unreasonably positive, increasing  fuzziness to become receptive to new insights, and sensing into wisdom instead of into knowledge. It seems that many promising new avenues are blocked by quite narrowly-framed economic feasibility.

This 2017 Annual wants  to develop a new view on the cancer health economy and will find solutions to overcome these obstacles posed by thinking in economic feasibility of new treatments and where quite a few elements are not taken into  consideration. Partly they should be taken into consideration because it are hard economic benefits (for example,  we forget the costs associated with side effects that are caused by a new treatment) and partly because the quality of life benefits are not included. What to think, for example, of reduced hospital stays and faster recovery?

This has economic benefits, but also great benefits of quality of life. The omission of these elements leads to  perverse outcomes and a sub-optimization of the cancer care. Promising new roads will be blocked. Naturally this  leads us towards an inspiring program in which examples from other domains are presented in order to achieve  this renewal in health care.


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Our program

For reference purposes: Program Annual Congress 2017


Below the presentation slides of our congress:

  1. Carin Uyl-De Groot – The whole business case from the patients view
  2. Erlijn Sie – Everyone a changemaker
  3. Aled Edwards – Science advances one funeral at a time
  4. Chris Bangma & Gaston Remmers – To Prevent is more cost effective than to cure & Challenges in case of prostate cancer
  5. Bert Kersten – Cancer and work – how to foster these assets
  6. Jelle Barentsz – The whole business case from the patients view – part 1
    Jelle Barentsz – The whole business case from the patients view – part 2
  7. Peter Kapitein – How much data do you want to share
  8. Wolfgang Gaissmaier – Is there a benefit of cancer screening
  9. Lou Garrison – Panel Discussion – How to realize affordable drugs
  10. Ernst Hafen – Personal Data Economy – a cooperative approach
  11. Marion Koopmans – Your data, My health


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