Marjolein Colenbrander

Patient Advocate and Communication: Marjolein Colenbrander (1959)


Who am I

I am a writer, social- and sports psychologist, communication-advisor in youthcare and I have my own company ‘Colenbrander Communicatie’. I have three children: Charlotte, Rozemarijn en Lucas.


Several years ago our then 2-year-old son got cancer. I wrote a book about that experience which was published in 2018 (‘Mevrouw, uw kind wordt nooit meer beter’).

In January 2016 our family was confronted again with a life threatening disease. My husband Bart was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Two years later on the 8th of January 2018 he passed away at the age of 50. With his knowledge and kindness he inspired the lives of me, our children and many others.

Bart was a Patient Advocate. He felt a great need to stand up for patients’ rights. I feel the same way.


 I am a writer and a communication specialist. It feels like a great privilege to get the chance to use my professional knowledge for the benefit of Inspire2live.