Patient Advocate: Kees Braam
Born: 28th of august 1950
Waarde (Zld)
The Netherlands
Professions: Social Worker (Child protection), Teacher Dramatic Arts, Journalist, specialized in Radio and Television.

Last year I joined the organisation Inspire2Live as a PA – patient advocate. Over the years I’ve been many times in contact with cancer patients and their doctors in a second opinion or doctors visit or visit patients in people’s homes as a supervisor. As a committed coach I can add value to people with cancer who are looking for the best treatments.

First of all by the experience as administrator of the website . Every day I get the updated information in oncology from all around the world in my mailbox. And as a webmaster and coach I have built up over the years, many contacts with people working in health and specifically in cancer care.

I am also an ex-cancer patient. The documentary The Will to Live, produced by myself and broadcasted in 2000 and 2001 by RTL shows the story of Shifra, Antoon and myself. Watch The Will to Live (English version)

The Will to Live is a documentary film about personal dignity and the determination to survive. When cancer strikes three individuals, they and their families resolve to fight the disease. Unwilling to accept the ominous prognoses of medical specialists and un-intimidated by the authority of conventional medicine, these cancer patients seek other pathways to a cure.

They do not reject traditional medical treatments altogether, but instead they combine the best elements of mainstream medicine with what they believe to be a sensible alternative: a special diet including nutritional supplements, designed uniquely for the treatment of cancer. Above all, the patients reach within themselves and find an inner strength to fight their diseases, to overcome seemingly overwhelming odds against survival. And they do survive. What is more, they gain self-respect by insisting upon their own course of action-rather than relinquishing all control to doctors, nurses and hospitals.

So because in my opinion all people who get diagnosed with cancer or are facing a recurrence deserve the best treatment options. Because there is often more possible then patients and even oncologists know. And I will help as a patient advocate based on independent advices. And I hope by collaborating with like-minded people like the people from Inspire2live to reach better our goals for a better cancer care and quality of life.

However, you may email me privately if you want to ask me anything at
I also stay webmaster of

So I hope with Inspire2Live to contribute my knowledge in emitting the patient voice at the desks of health insurers, hospitals, physicians, scientists, etc., so the voice of the patient will be heared clear and bright.