Patient Advocate; Public- & European Affairs :  Herman Otten (1961)

Telephone: +31634993562


Who am I?

I am a Patient Advocate of Inspire2Live. Lost my paid job as policy maker and Public- & European Affairs specialist after I was diagnosed with bladder cancer. Since then I am an ambassador for, teamcaptain and participant in the Alpe d’HuZes-team of and full time patient advocate for Inspire2Live.


Thirty years ago my dad died of bladder cancer, Currently I have a sister who is trying to have a good quality of life with metastatic breast cancer and I myself have survived two different forms of bladder cancer. Well so far that is (it’s a kind of cancer that’s likely to come knocking again in 95% of the time). So I have been able to see how lucky I was to survive. Lucky to have gotten the right diagnosis and the right treatment at the right time. But it also made me realize that so many others are not that lucky.

With Inspire2Live I want the very best possible treatment based on the very best possible diagnostics to become standard available for EVERY patient instead of the happy go lucky system it seems to be right now. Simply because it is everybody’s right to health!


My work as a Patient Advocate concentrates on Public- & European Affairs. Being the link between the other PA’s and various organizations and (political) institutions and professionals on prevention, diagnostics, cure and after care for oncology patients. Responsible for drawing up the Insipire2Live Lobbyagenda and also a bit of a strategist. Also quite familiar with The Right to Health as one of the Human Rights and it’s importance where it comes to solving the problems at hand. It is the most fun and most rewarding (voluntary) job I ever had in all my working life. And of course I am always happy to be your tour guide in political The Hague and Brussels.