Are you a (former) cancer patient (or loved one) and do you want to become involved as a patient advocate by:

  • giving talks and presentations
  • advising boards and institutions
  • becoming a partner in research
  • strongly influence the way diagnostics, drugs and treatments are developed and brought to the patient
  • being activistic
  • implementing better and best practices in clinical care and aftercare
  • improving awareness and prevention
  • or any other strong conviction and initiative you want to promote for the benefit of the patient?

And are you:

  • capable of finding, defining and progressing your own purpose and focus within the scope of what Inspire2Live is doing, and finding fellow PA’s within I2L to enhance your effort where possible
  • totally motivated and capable of remaining motivated in the face of complexity, slow progress, diverse and sometimes counterproductive personal or institutional interests
  • comfortable, eloquent and impactful on all levels of organizations and society
  • informed on a high level or willing to inform yourself at this level
  • capable of managing your time so that you have at least 8 hours available each week with reasonable flexibility, so you are not a cause of delay when meetings need to be arranged
  • not put off by the fact that you’re often not an invited or even a wanted guest and that there may come moments that you meet active resistance and personal animosity

If this is the case, then please contact Ilona Schelle via email: or phone: +31652496604