The essence of Inspire2Live is bringing together patients, researchers and clinicians to accomplish our mission. The aim is to work together international to get cancer under control and to lead happy and healthy lives in harmony with cancer. We work in cooperation and always put the patient at the center.

Inspire2Live is a platform of patient advocates (PA’s): highly educated and committed patients, cancer survivors and loved ones from diseased. PA’s are well informed and eloquent. They are aware that they’re not always invited at the discussions where decisions are made. However; we’ll always emphasize the benefit for the patient and our mission. A patient advocate is an inspired and committed individual with a unique gift to accelerate better cancer prevention, diagnostics, treatment and after care. We meet up to support each other and create bigger impact.

This way we put into practice that every patient, researcher and clinician can initiate the change they want to see.

Our motto is ‘Never, ever quit!’

Our strategic policy

Our principles